Spring Critters flipbooks ~
An Activity for Young Curious Minds (print version)

1) Spring Critters (Ladybug and Tadpole) flipbooks (PDF format). See files: TadpoleKid.pdf and LadybugKids.pdf

2) Print (paper: letter size/20lb) and cut (exacto-blade works best) along gray lines. In addition or optional (However, helpful when flipping through pages.), print and cut card stock flipbook backs – see files: BackPage.pdf or BackPageDetails.pdf (imagery outward).

3) Pages have numbers that show numbers one to nine. What the students/children must do is order (sequence) pages so the critter will appear as if it is moving upright in a straight line [off the page(s)]. Students or young children may need help or keep pages in order then explain idea or objective.

4) After pages have been placed in order along with card stock flipbook back: align pages to the right and staple together on the left/center side of the flipbook.

5 or 3a) Students/Children can add color and natural objects to the pages. This can be done before stapling too.

6) Last, students/children can then use their thumb and index finger simultaneously to flip through pages, therefore the illusion of movement is perceived when the pages are turned quickly.

ave Fun!

In addition, Ladybug and Tadpole flipbooks can be seen digitally, see at —
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