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Christine Andrews~Angelo Presents: (Message and PDF book copies)
Spring Flowers
Flipbook Picture Book and PictureBook with
Extra Enriching Short Stories

Welcome ~

Do you remember the days when you captured handfuls of dandelions to bring home to mom? I had forgotten about those moments up until recently. These days, I am showered with such gift. Therefore, I felt I must write and illustrate about this joyful and loving experience.

Spring Flowers picture book story takes place in the midst of the warm, colorific, and vibrant time of the year when dandelions are overflowing and the finest for picking. Furthermore, on the noon hour two spring critters the snail and the ant are driven to the hills where the spring flowers grow to seek handfuls of dandelions to share with their mothers. Naturally, mothers are driven to invest in several vases so spring flowers or the symbol of love may fill mealtime tables; whereas this is, where this story ends – a vase is placed at the midst of a meal table.

What will the story bring to a child? Spring Flowers’ (flipbook and book format) message may be brief yet it presents a loving real-life scenario. Moreover, the story offers children or readers ages 4-6 additional experiences; it comes to life or as my son states, “it’s real”. The story’s illustrations and narrative are arrange to the right whereas the left pages illustrate something else, being so children can then use their thumb and index finger simultaneously to flip through pages, therefore the illusion of movement is perceived when the pages are turned quickly – flipbook. Furthermore, the story’s setting provides opportunity for extra enriching short stories, whereas this material is seen on the left pages (flipbook format). One short story illustrates an understanding to Order or Sequence and Numbers through a series of flowers in blossom. Other stories and their explanations are: April and May calendar months (book format illustrates the 7-days of the week and weather conditions), Spring season, Rainbow (colors), and Flowers.

Furthermore, the young reader will learn to recognize and understand the art of sequence and the illusion of space by way of a stimulus hands-on picture book experience and perhaps guided interactions with an adult or a more skillful friend. In addition, the story teaches a young reader a range of enriching information, such as: language & comprehension, social studies, science, health, and visual arts.

What is more, I still find reading a short picture book story most enjoyable, since I am still challenged with a short attention span or easily distracted. Yet again, a story that comes to life with the flick of two fingers, plus gained from a loving real-life scenario. The pleasure my child possesses is a vision a mother must capture and embrace for life.

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Christine Andrew-Angelo

Spring Flowers pic
copyright © by Christine Andrews-Angelo 

Spring Flowers Flipbook
with Extra Enriching Short Stories
Flipbook Picture Book (6.1 mb)
Portable Document Format (pdf) — For personal use only.

Spring Flowers Picture Book
with Extra Enriching Short Stories
Picture Book (10.4 mb). Book takes a bit to load - Hold-on!
Portable Document Format (pdf) — For personal use only.

Stories Explain
Order and Numbers
through a series of flowers in blossom (pdf)
A different short story, illustrates order/sequence and numbers through a series of flowers in blossom. Then again, the story could illustrate a particular Time is needed for a Successful Change to Happen.
April and May
calendar months
and Colors

inspired by Justin Angelo
illustrated by
Christine Andrews-Angelo

Spring Flowers ~ One of the story’s goals is to be like a flipbook. A flipbook is a small book that shows images of the same thing in different positions to create the illusion of movement when the pages are turned quickly. At times images are somewhat manipulated or changed to create a more dramatic or exciting animated effect.
Flipbook/Animation Story = Sequence = Goal

Spring Flowers Picture book with Extra Enriching Short Stories read by Rochester Area Pre-school Plus Students ~ visit website:

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