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Spring Critters Present ~
Spring Flowers
Digital Picture Book with Extra Enriching Short Stories
copyright © 2008 by Christine Andrews-Angelo
Spring Flowers pic

Spring Flowers Digital Picture Book (14mb)
PowerPoint Show (pps) with animation and audio. "esc" to quit

illustrated by Christine Andrews-Angelo, 2006—2008
inspired and read by Justin Angelo

Spring Flowers Extra Enriching Short Stories
PowerPoint Shows (pps) with animation and audio. "esc" to quit

Stories Explain (Layout - 200 k)
Order and Numbers
through a series of flowers in blossom (Order01.pps, 10 mb)
April and May
calendar months (Month02.pps, 21 mb)
season—Story revised April 2008:
(Spring03.pps, 15 mb - pc) (Spring03.pps, 15 mb - mac)

(Rainbow04.pps, 8 mb)
Story revised April 2008: (Flowers05.pps, 11.5 mb)

read by
Rochester Area Pre-school Plus Students
~ Class of 2007

inspired by Justin Angelo
illustrated by
Christine Andrews-Angelo, 2007—2008

Spring Flowers Flipbook/Picture Book with Extra Enriching Short Stories ~ PDF versions

Spring Flowers ~ One of the story’s goals is to be like a flipbook. A flipbook is a small book that shows images of the same thing in different positions to create the illusion of movement when the pages are turned quickly. At times images are somewhat manipulated or changed to create a more dramatic or exciting animated effect. Read more.

Flipbook/Animation Story = Sequence = Goal

Contact Christine or Justin by way of email:

To View PPS Files: PC PowerPoint Viewer (download here ) software or MAC PowerPoint Viewer (download here) software. Files Specs: Digital picture book created with PowerPoint X for Mac®. Yet, digital files can be viewed using PC hardware and software (PowerPoint® software or PowerPoint Viewer®), however some illustrations may differ slightly. Recommended display resolution for a MAC is 1280 x 854 and for a PC is 1280 x 1024. To View PDF Files: you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader — free download at: Screen fonts are: Times, Arial, Arial Narrow Bold, Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold, and Abadi MT Condensed Light. Best to save (download) files to disk before lunching files.
My Son the Teacher Me At My Son's Scool
Creative Arts Month at RAP: Class of ~ 2005/2006 (pre-school)
Spring Critters flipbooks ~
An Activity for Young Curious Minds

1) Spring Critters (Ladybug and Tadpole) flipbooks (PDF format). See files: TadpoleKid.pdf and LadybugKids.pdf

2) Print (paper: letter size/20lb) and cut (exacto-blade works best) along gray lines. In addition or optional (However, helpful when flipping through pages.), print and cut card stock flipbook backs – see files: BackPage.pdf or BackPageDetails.pdf (imagery outward).

3) Pages have numbers that show numbers one to nine. What the students/children must do is order (sequence) pages so the critter will appear as if it is moving upright in a straight line [off the page(s)]. Students or young children may need help or keep pages in order then explain idea or objective.

4) After pages have been placed in order along with card stock flipbook back: align pages to the right and staple together on the left/center side of the flipbook.

5 or 3a) Students/Children can add color and natural objects to the pages. This can be done before stapling too.

6) Last, students/children can then use their thumb and index finger simultaneously to flip through pages, therefore the illusion of movement is perceived when the pages are turned quickly.

Have Fun!
Click here for print version.

In addition, Ladybug and Tadpole flipbooks can be seen digitally, see at —
[PowerPoint format (PPT). Display by way of: On-Screen Display (View > Slide Show) ]

With a background--

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Flipbook Picture
Please stop back. Coming up – a new web page look and stories will be posted without audio too.

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